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The Empathy Lungs

"The Empathy Lungs"™ C.O.P.D. Simulator

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What is it, and what are its benefits?

"The Empathy Lungs"™ C.O.P.D. Simulator (U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending) is a unique and powerful tool for smoking prevention and cessation. It is comprised of (1) a custom designed, truss-like garment called a Torso Constrictor, that has (2) two Weighted Pouches that are strategically positioned inside of it, and (3) a customized Restricted Airway Mask. When worn together, these three components will temporarily simulate the pronounced "shortness of breath" or "breathlessness" that characterizes Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (which is comprised primarily of Emphysema and/or Chronic Bronchitis), as well as Asthma and Lung Cancer.


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Used only on a voluntary basis and only while under the supervision of a trained professional, this unique, hands-on simulator has been engineered for one-time, short-term use of just fifteen to thirty minutes. During this time it will safely enable the wearer to physically experience COPD's typically strenuous, labored, shallow, "upper-chest breathing only", as well as the subsequent fatigue, irritability and emotional distress that inevitably results from the sensation of  "not being able to get enough air".

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