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“The Empathy Lungs”® COPD Simulator 



Smoking causes up to 90% of COPD. Although it is largely preventable, this debilitating disease is projected to increase from currently being the 4th leading cause of death to the 3rd by 2020!

Males and females, adults and adolescents, can wear The Empathy Lungs for just 15 minutes to gain a startling “sneak preview of their future” if they either start or continue to smoke. Through realistic and medically accurate simulation, your patients will feel 8 of the physical and emotional symptoms of COPD, including:


1. Dyspnea, or shortness of breath


2. Reduction in Peak Expiratory Flow Rate


3. Breathlessness, feeling of “not being able to get enough air”


4. Shallow, “upper chest breathing” only


5. Strenuous, labored or difficult breathing


6. Audible wheezing


7. Fatigue and reduction of normal activity


8. Irritability, anxiety, or emotional distress

  “The Empathy Lungs is great! It’s kinesthetic,innovative, and it’s based on learning through one’s own experience. It’s the

   single best teaching and counseling aid that I use —it really works!”

   Cynthia Farriel, RN, RRT

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