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Why Choose The Empathy Belly®?


The Empathy Belly® was created in the late 1980's by Linda Ware, a Childbirth Education Teacher and Counselor. With the help of numerous her students (women who had just experienced the pregnant condition and recently given birth), Linda was able to create a realistic simulator that gives the wearer up to 20 symptoms of being in the third trimester of pregnancy. She achieved this remarkable feat with the use of key components still utilized in The Empathy Belly® today.


The Empathy Belly® Is Produced Entirely In The USA!


Since 1980 the cost of producing those original components have risen as much as 1000%! But because Birthways is a non-profit, our goals of prevention of teen pregnancy as well as allowing spouses get a realistic understanding of what their pregnant partners are experiencing have remained the same utilizing the original components. The Pregnancy Profile sold by Realityworks and the With Child Simulator from Childbirth Graphics are recreations of “The Empathy Belly”®. A healthy pregnant woman will gain at least 33lbs by the third trimester, but those two products weigh in at 25lbs and the Pregnancy Profile is made in China.

And with our newer product, “The Empathy Lungs”® COPD Simulator, Birthways is striving to prevent teens from starting to smoke and smokers to quit smoking.


If your organization is having problems with coming up with the funding to purchase The Empathy Belly® contact us, we are here to help.

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