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"The Empathy Lungs" COPD Simulator

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"The Empathy Lungs" COPD Simulator


Please contact Empathy Resources if you are purchasing from outside of the USA


“The Empathy Belly”® Complete Teaching Module:

(Ships in 7 to 21 days)



NOTE: Only Washington State residents are charged sales tax.

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 Replacement Parts for “The Empathy Belly”®:

  Note: if purchasing more than one replacement part, email Birthways at for shipping rate.  

(Birthways strives to ship products as soon as possible but some products may take up to 21 days to ship out )


Replaclement Vinyl Bladder Kit

(One size fits all)

Replacement DVD

(Choose Version)


Replacement Rib belt

(One size fits all)

Custom Embroidered Smock

(One size fits all)

$64.98 plus S/H

Vinyl Bladder Kit
6Lb Bladder Pouch
2 7Lb Weights


(Choose One Piece or Two Piece Cap Set)



Replacement 6lb. Bladder pouch

Replacement Torso Garment

(Choose Size)

 “The Empathy Lungs”® COPD Simulator Teaching Module

(Ships in 7 to 21 days) 

7lb Weight Set

(Two each)

Rib Belt
Adult Version DVD
Teen Version DVD

Image coming soon!

One Piece Cap Set

Two Piece Cap Set

$162.72 Plus S/H

$38.00 each plus S/H

$54.30 plus S/H


$59.95 plus S/H

$124.95 plus  S/H

$349.99 plus S/H

(Choose Version)

NOTE: These caps are water bed caps and may              also be found at your local hardware store.

Replacement Caps

for the Vinyl Bladder



 “The Empathy Lungs”® Replacement Parts

(Ships in 7 to 10 days) 


50 Custom Made Disposable Airway Restriction Masks


50 Disposable One Way Mouth Pieces


“The Empathy Belly”® Pregnancy Simulator, “The Empathy Lungs”® COPD Simulator Teaching Modules are intended to be used in education and medical fields and only by trained personnel. Any other use of these two products and their parts is at the risk of the person or persons purchasing and using them for other than their intended use as stated.

(All of Birthways products include a one year warranty)


$196.00 plus S/H

$99.50 plus S/H